Volume 12, Issue 1 (Spring 1997)

Symposium: Digital Content: New Products and New Business Models

  • Foreword to the Digital Content Symposium
    by Pamela Samuelson
  • The Intellectual Property Renaissance in Cyberspace: Why Copyright Law Could Be Unimportant on the Internet
    by Eric Schlacter
  • Copyright Preemption After the ProCD Case: A Market-Based Approach
    by Maureen A. O’Rourke
  • Copyright Policy and the Limits of Freedom of Contract
    by Niva Elkin-Koren
  • The End of Friction? Property Rights and Contract in the “Newtonian” World of On-line Commerce
    by Robert P. Merges
  • Shifting the Possible: How Trusted Systems and Digital Property Rights Challenge Us to Rethink Digital Publishing
    by Mark Stefik
  • Some Reflections on Copyright Management Systems and Laws Designed to Protect Them by Julie E. Cohen
  • Chaos, Cyberspace and Tradition: Legal Information Transmogrified
    by Robert Berring
  • Surfing the Sento
    by Dan Rosen
  • Book Review: Examining Traditional Legal Paradigms in a Non-Physical Environment: Need We Invent New Rules of the Road for the Information Superhighway?
    by Scott E. Bain
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