Volume 13, Issue 3 (Symposium 1998)

Symposium Issue | Intellectual Property and Contract Law in the Information Age: The Impact of Article 2B of the Uniform Commercial Code on the Future of Transactions in Information and Electronic Commerce

by Pamela Samuelson

Breaking Barriers: The Relation Between Contract and Intellectual Property Law
by Raymond T. Nimmer

The License Is the Product: Comments on the Promise of Article 2B for Software and Information Licensing
by Robert W. Gomulkiewicz

The Tales That Article 2B Tells
by Jessica Litman

Authors as “Licensors” of “Informational Rights” under U.C.C. Article 2B
by Jane C. Ginsburg

The Exclusion of Embedded Software and merely Incidental Information from the Scope of Article 2B: Proposals for New Language Based on Policy and Interpretation
by Laura McNeill Hutcheson

When Is a Computer Program Not a Computer Program? The Perplexing World Created by Proposed U.C.C. Article 2B
by Michele C. Kane

Article 2B as Legal Software for Electronic Contracting: Operating System or Trojan Horse?
by A. Michael Froomkin

The Article 2B Debate and the Sociology of the Information Age
by Peter Lyman

Copyright and the Jurisprudence of Self-Help
by Julie E. Cohen

On Self-Enforcing Contracts, the Right to Hack, and Willfully Ignorant Agents
by James Raymond Davis

In Defense of Private Orderings: Comments on Julie Cohen’s “Copyright and the Jurisprudence of Self-Help”
by David Friedman

Free Contracting, Fair Competition, and Article 2B: Some Reflections on Federal Competition Policy, Information Transactions, and “Aggressive Neutrality”
by David McGowan

License with Contract and Precedent: Publisher-Licensor Protection Consequences and the Rationale Offered for the Nontransferability of Licenses Under Article 2B
by David A. Rice

Article 2B and Mass Market License Contracts: A Japanese Perspective
by Tsuneo Matsumoto

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