Volume 14, Issue 3 (Fall 1999)

  • Recollections of Judge Giles S. Rich
    by Paul R. Michel
  • A Rich Legacy
    by Janice M. Mueller
  • Remembrances and Memorial: Judge Giles S. Rich, 1904-1999
    by Neil A. Smith
  • Controlling Market Power in Telecommunications: Antitrust v. Sector-Specific Regulation: An Assessment of the United States, New Zealand, and Australian Experiences
    by Michel Kerf and Damien Geradin
  • The Internet Gambling Fallacy Craps Out
    by Joel Michael Schwarz
  • ICANN: Between the Public and the Private: Comments before Congress
    by Jonathan Zittrain
  • Patents, Products, and Public Health: An Analysis of the CellPro March-In Petition
    by Barbara M. McGarey and Annette C. Levey
  • Safety in Numbers: Revisiting the Risks to Client Confidences and Attorney-Client Privilege Posed by Internet Electronic Mail
    by Joshua M. Masur
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