Volume 34, Special Issue

COMPLETE VOLUME 34, SPECIAL ISSUE Complete Issue FRONT MATTER Front Matter ARTICLES One Judge’s Historical View of a … Continue Reading

Volume 34, Issue 1

COMPLETE VOLUME 34, ISSUE 1 Complete Issue FRONT MATTER Front Matter ARTICLES Grants by W. Nicholson Price II … Continue Reading

My Genes Don’t Fit Yours

by Kaberi Basu (L.L.M. 2019) On April 24, 2018, a four-decade search for the Golden State killer came … Continue Reading

Taking a Hard Look at the Vulnerabilities Equities Process and its National Security Implications

by Mimansa Ambastha (L.L.M. 2019) Modern information technology is intrinsically full of vulnerabilities, from software coding/algorithms to hardware … Continue Reading

Madrid’s “Central Attack” in Transnational Trademark Law: Practice, Procedures and Considerations

by Bela Kelbecheva (L.L.M. 2019) Despite obvious benefits of the Madrid system in Trademark law, the threat of … Continue Reading

Inventive Applications and Patent Eligibility: A Conversation with Prof. Peter Menell

 In this episode, we talk to Berkeley Law professor Peter Menell about patent law and new challenges to … Continue Reading