Volume 1, 1986

Volume 1, Issue 2 (Fall 1986)

  • Thinking Like a Lawyer: Expert Systems for Legal Analysis
    by Richard Gruner
  • An Artificial Intelligence Application in the Law: CCLIPS, A Computer Program that Processes Legal Information
    by Cary G. Debessonet and George R. Cross
  • Protecting the ‘Look and Feel’ of Computer Software (PDF, 77 KB)
    by John Pinheiro and Gerard Lacroix
  • Is There a Property Interest in Scientific Research Data? (PDF, 79 KB)
    by Richard H. Jones
  • Medical Expert Systems: Grappling with Issues of Liability
    by Christopher J. Gill
  • Book Review: Software Protection (by G. Gervaise Davis III) and Legal Protection of Computer Programs and Data (by Christopher J. Millard)
    by Lois W. Abraham
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Volume 1, Issue 1 (Spring 1986)

  • Export Controls and America’s Competitive Challenge (PDF, 53 KB)
    by Ed Zschau
  • Full-Text Databases and Legal Research: Backing Into the Future
    by Robert C. Berring
  • Federal Regulation of Recombinant DNA Technology: Time for Change
    by Adrienne B. Naumann
  • Legal Implications of Letter Licenses for Biotechnology
    by Bertram I. Rowland
  • The National Cooperative Research Act of 1984: A New Antitrust Regime for Joint Research and Development Ventures
    by Christopher O.B. Wright
  • Book Review: Computer Culture: The Scientific, Intellectual, and Social Impact of the Computer (edited by Heinz R. Pagels)
    by Michael Stern
  • Book Review: Broken Code: The Exploitation of DNA (by Marc Lappe)
    by Kenneth Finney
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