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Bouchat v. Baltimore Ravens – What’s Fair is Fair

The starting point for this story dates back to 1995. A security guard and an amateur artist named Fredrick Bouchat created the “Flying B logo” for the Ravens football team (“Logo”). He sent the proposed Logo, asking only for a … Continue reading

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Klinger v. Conan Doyle Estate LTD. Extent and duration of copyright protection for fictional characters? Attorney Fees? Not so elementary

The character of Sherlock Holmes seems to remain popular more than a 120 years after its initial publication. Over the last few years we have witnessed a modern day Sherlock Holmes in the critically acclaimed BBC series Sherlock and a … Continue reading

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New Rules applying to IP Licenses in Europe starting May 1, 2014

On March 21, 2014 the European Commission, pan-European enforcer of antitrust rules, adopted a new version of its Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation and accompanying Guidelines. The new Regulation, which will take effect on May 1, 2014 once the Regulation … Continue reading

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2014 Symposium: Copyright Licensing and Fair Use

BTLJ is excited to welcome Rebecca Tushnet of Georgetown Law School on April 3–4, 2014 to the 18th Annual BTLJ/BCLT Symposium: The Next Great Copyright Act. This is a summary of Professor Tushnet’s topic of discussion and forthcoming article, All of This Has Happened Before and … Continue reading

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Solicitor General Files Brief in Stanford v. Roche

On September 28, 2010, the Solicitor General (SG) filed a brief explaining the views of the United States in the pending appeal of Stanford v. Roche, 583 F.3d 832 (Fed. Cir. 2009) (PDF).  The SG’s brief argues strongly in Stanford’s favor, … Continue reading

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Georgia-Pacific Contributory Trademark Infringement Claim Fails in Eight Circuit

The Eight Circuit affirmed summary judgment for Myers Supply Inc. against Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP (“G-P”) on the issues of contributory trademark infringement and tortious interference with contract where Myers sold von Drehle (“VD”) paper towels for use in G-P machines … Continue reading

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Vernor v. Autodesk: Ninth Circuit test for distinguishing software owners from licensees

On Friday, the Ninth Circuit clarified its test for determining whether a software purchaser is a licensee or an owner of the purchased copy in Vernor v. Autodesk, Inc. The result affirms the ability of software publishers to restrain licensees’ … Continue reading

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