USPTO Comments on Quality

In February 2015, the USPTO published its Request for Comments on Enhancing Patent Quality. Over 100 responses were received from IP organizations, government agencies, academic and research institutions, law firms, companies, and individuals. BTLJ has summarized and organized each comment by “pillar,” presented below.

The first pillar, excellence in work products, includes (1) applicant requests for prosecution review of selected applications, (2) automated pre-examination search, and (3) clarity of record.

The second pillar, excellence in measuring patent quality, includes (4) review of and improvements to quality metrics.

The third pillar, excellence in customer service, includes (5) review of the current compact prosecution model and the effect on quality, and (6) in-person interview capability with all examiners.

Comments with proposals falling outside of the three pillars can be found under the category “Other.”

Pillar I: Excellence in Work Product

Pillar II: Excellence in Measuring Patent Quality

Pillar III: Excellence in Customer Service

Pillar IV: Other