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Berkeley Technology Law Journal, established in 1985, is America’s first technology law journal. BTLJ publishes four issues annually on a broad range of topics at the intersection of technology and the law.

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Student Podcast
May 18th, 2023
Podcast Transcript: [SHABRINA] 0:07 Hello, and welcome to the BTLJ podcast. I’m your host, Shabrina Khansa. [MAHIMA] 0:18 And I’m your host Mahima Madan. [SHABRINA] 0:20 In today’s episode, we’ll explore the fascinating world of biometrics and its role in a recent case, Barnett v. Apple, which involves a dispute ...
Student Podcast
April 25th, 2023
SPEAKERS Brandie Nonnecke, PhD; Anan Hafez; Ian Smith Podcast Transcript: [Anan Hafez] 0:07 Welcome to the Berkeley Technology Law Journal podcast. I’m your host, Anan Hafez. Today’s episode is all about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996.[1] Now, you might be asking yourself, what is Section 230? And ...
April 11th, 2023
In this Commentary, we show that blockchain may supplement antitrust law, especially in situations where the rule of law does not fully apply. Against this background, we detail what needs to be done for blockchain and antitrust to achieve greater decentralization, together, from both a technical and legal standpoint.
News & Updates
March 13th, 2023
BERKELEY TECHNOLOGY LAW JOURNAL 2023 WRITING COMPETITION   A PDF of the submission instructions may be found here. Prizes 1st Prize: $1,000 and publication in the Spring 2024 Issue of BTLJ 2nd Prize: $500 Topics We accept submissions from graduate-level law students on a wide variety of topics at the ...
March 1st, 2023
Popular discourse, when not lumping all cryptoassets together as a homogeneous asset class, has trended towards categorizing blockchain tokens into broad and ill-defined categories. We see this with discussion regarding whether one token or another is fungible versus non-fungible, a security versus e-currency, or where tokens are grouped with vastly ...
February 27th, 2023
By Shabrina Defi Khansa, LL.M. 2023 Taylor Swift’s fans, affectionately called Swifties, closed out 2022 with an antitrust complaint filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Ticketmaster, the online ticketing giant. In late November, after waiting in endless e-queues for tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, Swifties were hit ...
Student Podcast
February 27th, 2023
SPEAKERS Professor Chris Hoofnagle, Eric Ahern, Isabel Jones Podcast Transcript: [Eric] 00:12 Welcome to the BTLJ podcast. I’m your host, Eric Ahern. [Isabel] 00:17 And I’m your host, Isabel Jones. In today’s episode, we’ll be diving into the fascinating world of one of the most advanced machine learning tools out ...
February 6th, 2023
COMPLETE VOLUME 37, ISSUE 2 Complete Issue FRONT MATTER Front Matter ARTICLES The Transnational Data Governance Problem by Douglas W. Arner, Giuliano G. Castellano & Eriks K. Selga Policing Police Tech: A Soft Law Solution by Barry Friedman, Farhang Heydari, Max Isaacs & Katie Kinsey A User’s Guide to Section ...
February 6th, 2023
COMPLETE VOLUME 37, TELECOMMUNICATIONS ACT OF 1996 SYMPOSIUM Complete Issue FRONT MATTER Front Matter ARTICLES Foreword The Telecommunications Act at Twenty-Five: The Debate Looking Forward by Howard Shelanski A New Telecommunications Act: Prioritizing Consumer Protection and Equality by Olivier Sylvain Institutional Considerations for the Regulation of Internet Service Providers by ...
February 6th, 2023
COMPLETE VOLUME 37, ISSUE 1 Complete Issue FRONT MATTER Front Matter ARTICLES Verification Dilemmas in Law and the Promise of Zero-Knowledge Proofs by Kenneth A. Bamberger Ran Canetti, Shafi Goldwasser, Rebecca Wexler & Evan J. Zimmerman Predicting Consumer Contracts by Noam Kolt Post-Grant Adjudication of Drup Patents: Agency and/or Court? ...

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