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Berkeley Technology Law Journal, established in 1985, is America’s first technology law journal. BTLJ publishes four issues annually on a broad range of topics at the intersection of technology and the law.

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Student Podcast
February 7th, 2024
SPEAKERS John DeVoe, Sarah Farooq, Meg O’Neill, Mike Rogoway [Sara Farooq] 0:00 Welcome to the Berkeley Technology Law Journal Podcast! I’m Sarah Farooq. In today’s episode, we will be discussing issues at the intersection of technology and the environment and the laws governing this space. Specifically, you will hear about ...
News & Updates
February 5th, 2024
BERKELEY TECHNOLOGY LAW JOURNAL 2024 WRITING COMPETITION Prizes 1st Prize: $1,000 & PUBLICATION IN THE FALL 2024 ISSUE OF BTLJ (Vol. 40 Issue 1) 2nd Prize: $500 ALDO J. TEST AWARD: BEST BERKELEY LAW SUBMISSION: $250 Topics We will accept submissions from graduate-level law students on a wide variety of ...
January 23rd, 2024
COMPLETE VOLUME 38, ISSUE 3 Complete Issue FRONT MATTER Front Matter ARTICLES Foreword by Jennifer M. Urban Rising Above Liability: The Digital Services Act as a Blueprint for the Second Generation of Global Internet Rules by Martin Husovec Three Sizes Fit Some: Why Content Regulation Needs Test Suites by Rebecca ...
Student Podcast
January 22nd, 2024
SPEAKERS Gayathri Sindhu, Terry Zhao, Dan Jasnow, Stefano Da Fre Podcast Transcript [Gayathri Sindhu] 00:00 Welcome to the Berkeley Technology Law Podcast. Hi everyone, this is Gayathri, your host for the day from the Berkeley Tech Law Journal. Today’s episode is on an immensely exciting and polarizing topic, which is ...
January 1st, 2024
By David Bernstein, J.D. Candidate, 2026 On March 15, 2022, President Biden signed the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act of 2022 (CIRCIA) into law. Bipartisan lawmakers championed the legislation in response to the growing number of cyber intrusions against critical infrastructure. In particular, the May 2021 ransomware attack ...
Student Podcast
December 4th, 2023
SPEAKERS Yunfei Qiang; Paul Wood; David Fang; Heather Whitney Podcast Transcript: [Yunfei Qiang] 00:13 Hello and a warm welcome to all our listeners tuning in to the Berkeley Technology Law Journal Podcast! I’m your host, Yunfei Qiang. In this episode, we’re venturing into the dynamic and contentious realm of generative ...
November 30th, 2023
COMPLETE VOLUME 38, ISSUE 2 Complete Issue FRONT MATTER Front Matter ARTICLES HIPAA v. Dobbs by Wendy A. Bach & Nicolas Terry Unenjoined Infringement and Compulsory Licensing by Jorge L. Contreras & Jessica Maupin Addressing Personal Data Collection as Unfair Methods of Competition by Maurice E. Stucke Defragging Feminist Cyberlaw ...
Student Podcast
November 13th, 2023
SPEAKERS Eric Ahern; Juliette Draper; Meg O’Neill Podcast Transcript: [Eric Ahern] 00:08 You’re listening to the Berkeley Technology Law Journal Podcast. I’m Eric Ahern. [Juliette Draper] 00:13 I’m Juliette Draper. [Meg O’Neill] 00:14 And I’m Meg O’Neill. [Juliette Draper] 00:16 Today, we will be covering the verdict announced in the ...
November 6th, 2023
The Articles within this issue are derived from presentations delivered at the Berkeley-NYU Symposium entitled The Impact of the Patent System on Markets for Technology, held at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business on February 23–24, 2023. The TIIP Program at the Classical Liberal Institute (NYU School ...
October 27th, 2023
This article is part of the 2023 BCLT-BTLJ Symposium. Stacy-Ann Elvy I. INTRODUCTION In 1972, Californians approved Proposition 11, a legislatively proposed amendment to the California constitution to establish an inalienable right to privacy. Accompanying this right was an enforceable right of action. The ballot arguments in favor of ...

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