BTLJ’s eponymous journal is a student-produced publication covering emerging issues of law in the areas of intellectual property, high-tech and biotech. The Berkeley Technology Law Journal started its print publication in 1986 as the High Technology Law Journal, changing to the current name in 1996. Currently, it is published four times a year. BTLJ strives to keep judges, policymakers, practitioners, and the academic community abreast of this dynamic field.

In 1997, BTLJ published its first issue which included BCLT’s annual symposium, which has since become a separate issue.

In 1998, the journal published its first Annual Review, notes and comments by Berkeley Law students. The Annual Review of Law and Technology was founded and is still supervised by Koret Professor of Law and Co-Director of Berkeley Center for Law & Technology Peter Menell.

Most recently in 2014, the journal published its first, exclusively online BTLJ Commentaries piece.

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