Join Us!

BTLJ Membership is open to all students at Berkeley School of Law, including first year, LLM, and JSP students. In addition to cutting-edge research at the intersection of law and technology, BTLJ also hosts a variety of social events for its members. No science background necessary, only a great attitude and a curiosity of how technology shapes the law and vice versa.

Incoming And First Year Law Students

First year law students have the opportunity become general members at BTLJ in both fall and spring semesters. Similar to other journals, you pay a membership fee, attend our general meetings, and have the opportunity to work on cutting edge legal research. As a general member you are also eligible to become an editorial board member. Every year in the spring, BTLJ holds elections in which interested general members run for leadership roles at the journal. For more information, please email

Transfer Students

While transfer students can become general members anytime, BTLJ typically holds a write-on competition for several editorial board positions at the beginning of each fall semester.If you’ve been admitted to Berkeley Law as a transfer student and are interested in joining BTLJ, please email We will email you detailed information on the write-on process and deadlines.