2017 Symposium: Platform Law

What is the proper legal model (or models) for understanding the online platform phenomenon? What burdens and responsibilities should these platforms face? What is the right mix of  government and corporate policy that would support human rights, social values, traditional public policy goals, competition, and innovation? To address these questions, the 21st Annual BCLT/BTLJ symposium, Platform Law: Public and Private Regulation of Online Platforms, will bring together scholars in law, computer science, economics, and political science, with government regulators, practitioners, corporate representatives, and public interest advocates. As part of the effort to foster and advance discussion on this important topic, BTLJ is hosting an Online Forum for speakers and participants to address the myriad issues surrounding “platform law.”

To submit posts for publication on the Online Forum, please email btlj@law.berkeley.edu. We also welcome and encourage comments on the posts below.