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2010 Writing Competition Winners

The results for the Spring 2010 Writing Competition are in! 1st place: Damon Andrews, The University of Iowa College of Law, 2011 Iqbal-ing Seagate: Plausibility Pleading of Willful Patent Infringement 2nd place and the Aldo J. Test Award for Best … Continue reading

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Symposium: Copyright @ 300

The Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, in conjunction with the High Tech Law Institute of Santa Clara University Law School and the Berkeley Technology Law Journal, will host a two-day conference on April 9–10, 2010 to explore the past … Continue reading

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Volume 24, Issue 4 (Fall 2009)

High Technology Entrepreneurs and the Patent System: Results of the 2008 Berkeley Patent Survey (PDF 485 KB) by Stuart Graham, Ted Sichelman, Pamela Samuelson, and Robert Merges Controlling the “Plague”: Reforming the Doctrine of Inequitable Conduct (PDF, 2844 KB) by Christian E. Mammen The Emperor Has No … Continue reading

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Volume 24, Issue 3 (Symposium 2009)

Symposium Issue | Security Breach Notification Six Years Later Front Matter (PDF, 185 kB) by BTLJ How a Bill Becomes a Law, Really (PDF, 207 kB) by Joseph Simitian Government Data Breaches (PDF, 569 kB) by A. Michael Froomkin Privacy Costs and Personal Data Protection: Economic and Legal Perspectives … Continue reading

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Spring 2010 Writing Competition Rules

UPDATE: The winners for the Spring 2010 competition have been announced. The below rules are solely for reference. 1st Prize: $2,000 & Publication in the Fall 2010 Issue of BTLJ 2nd Prize: $750 3rd Prize: $500 Aldo J. Test Award … Continue reading

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Volume 24, Issue 2 (Spring 2009)

Modernizing Patent Law’s Inequitable Conduct Doctrine (DOC, 355 kB) by Christopher A. Cotropia Privilege-Wise and Patent (and Trade Secret) Foolish? How the Court’ Misapplication of the Military and State Secrets Privilege Violates the Constitution and Endangers National Security (PDF, 460 kB) by Davida H. Isaacs and Robert M. Farley Lock … Continue reading

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Volume 24, Issue 1 (Annual Review 2009)

Foreword by Tamar R. Gubins & Danny Prati The Exhaustion Doctrine Revived? Assessing the Scope and Possible Effects of the Supreme Court’s Quanta Decision by Andrew T. Dufresne The Board Bites Back: Bilski and the B.P.A.I. by Justin M. Lee … Continue reading

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Security Breach Notification Six Years Later

BTLJ sponsored a symposium entitled “Security Breach Notification Six Years Later. Lessons Learned About Identity Theft and Directions for the Future.” It was held on March 6, 2009. For more information, see the Berkeley Law page.

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Symposia Archive

This is a list of symposia prior to 2009. 2008 Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship March 7-8, 2008 2007 Copyright, DRM Technology and Consumer Protection March 9-10, 2007 2006 California’s Stem Cell Initiative: Confronting The Legal Policy & Changes March 2-4, … Continue reading

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Volume 23, Issue 4 (Fall 2008)

FRONT MATTER Front Matter (PDF 78Kb) ARTICLES The Formal Structure of Patent Law and the Limits of Enablement (PDF 429Kb) by Jeffrey A. Lefstin, Ph.D. Emotion, Dilution, and the Trademark Consumer (PDF 473Kb) by Laura R. Bradford Recent Developments Affecting the Enforcement, Procurement, … Continue reading

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