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Philip Morris vs. Uruguay: Intellectual Property Debate in International Investment Arbitration

In 2010, three subsidiaries of US-based Altria Group (formerly named Philip Morris Companies Inc.), Switzerland based FTR Holding S.A., Switzerland based Philip Morris Products S.A. and Uruguay based Abal Hermanos S.A., (hereinafter collectively referred to as “PMI”) started international arbitration … Continue reading

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Proving a Likelihood of Confusion Remains an Uphill Battle for Trademark Owners in Keyword Advertising Cases

How confused are you when you search terms and see paid advertising generated as the result of the keywords you inserted? An increasing number of cases show a likelihood of confusion is a difficult element to meet by plaintiff trademark … Continue reading

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Broad Covenant Not To Sue Does Away With Invalidity Counterclaims In Trademark Litigation

In Already LLC. v. Nike, Inc. the Supreme Court recently held that a broad covenant not to sue hinders defendant’s counterclaims of trademark invalidity. Therefore, by choosing to proffer a covenant not to sue, Nike eliminated any legal controversy between the parties such … Continue reading

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Four Rounds of ICE Domain Name Seizures and Related Controversies and Opposition

The Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), under the Department of Homeland Security, engaged in another round of domain name seizures Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2011. The 18 domain name seizure, “Operation Broken Hearted,” focused on counterfeit sites for selling counterfeit … Continue reading

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Winter 2010 News Briefs

This month, our team members have been consumed with outlines, papers, and finals, and now the holidays are upon us.  Although we won’t be able to write full posts on all of the recent developments in technology law, we wanted … Continue reading

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The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (“ACTA”) has been under negotiation since October 2007. Over the past three years a group of nations, including the United States, have deliberated the specific contents and composition of this document designed to establish stronger intellectual … Continue reading

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Georgia-Pacific Contributory Trademark Infringement Claim Fails in Eight Circuit

The Eight Circuit affirmed summary judgment for Myers Supply Inc. against Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP (“G-P”) on the issues of contributory trademark infringement and tortious interference with contract where Myers sold von Drehle (“VD”) paper towels for use in G-P machines … Continue reading

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