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Student Podcast
August 23rd, 2022
EPISODE TRANSCRIPT: Quantum Computing August 22, 2022 [Seth] 0:14 You’re listening to the Berkeley Technology Law Journal Podcast. I’m Seth Bertolucci.   [Isabel] 0:19 And I’m Isabel Jones. On today’s episode, we sit down with a quantum physicist and an attorney specializing in technology law and human design to discuss ...
Student Podcast
October 6th, 2020
Hosts Matt Sardo ’23 and Meg Sullivan ‘ 23 follow up on last week’s coverage of TikTok’s request for an injunction to the ban of its app, and cover Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple following the companies’ dispute over banning Fortnite from Apple’s App Store, the EU’s draft of antitrust ...
Student Podcast
April 4th, 2017
Chante Westmoreland (J.D. Candidate ’18) interviews Associate Dean and Professor, Molly Van Houweling about her path to Berkeley Law and her recent piece, Authors Versus Owners.