5 Minutes in Tech Law – November 7th

This week, we discuss reservations about TikTok, DNA collection of non-U.S. detainees, and alleged discrimination on Facebook ads. … Continue Reading

Familial DNA Searches Using Public Databases and the Third-Party Doctrine

by Evan Enzer (J.D. 2021) This blog was inspired by an episode of Slate’s podcast “If Then” entitled … Continue Reading

5 Minutes in Tech Law – October 31st

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5 Minutes in Tech Law – October 25th

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5 Minutes in Tech Law – October 10th

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5 Minutes in Tech Law – October 3rd

This week, we discuss free public TV, Amazon preparing its own legislative proposals, and who gets sued if … Continue Reading

5 Minutes in Tech Law – September 26th

This week, we cover developments on the right to be forgotten, Led Zeppelin, and Elon Musk’s proposed paycheck. … Continue Reading

5 Minutes in Tech Law – September 19th

In the first episode of the series and of Issue 35, we cover recently announced tech antitrust investigations … Continue Reading

What to Expect from Brazil’s General Data Protection Law?

by Margareth Kang (L.L.M. 2019) According to David Banisar’s 2018 Report[i], around 120 countries currently have data protection/privacy … Continue Reading

My Genes Don’t Fit Yours

by Kaberi Basu (L.L.M. 2019) On April 24, 2018, a four-decade search for the Golden State killer came … Continue Reading

Taking a Hard Look at the Vulnerabilities Equities Process and its National Security Implications

by Mimansa Ambastha (L.L.M. 2019) Modern information technology is intrinsically full of vulnerabilities, from software coding/algorithms to hardware … Continue Reading

How Smart Contracts Can Help Guarantee Land Rights for Colombian Conflict Victims

by Ángela Córdoba-Santacruz (L.L.M. 2019) Land ownership in Colombia is costly and demands legal knowledge, which leads to … Continue Reading

Madrid’s “Central Attack” in Transnational Trademark Law: Practice, Procedures and Considerations

by Bela Kelbecheva (L.L.M. 2019) Despite obvious benefits of the Madrid system in Trademark law, the threat of … Continue Reading

Reforming the Multi-Agency System: A Path to Better Chinese GI Protection

by Yuan Fang (L.L.M. 2019) The tradition of multi-agency administration for Chinese GI protection derives from the unique … Continue Reading

A Night Out With BTLJ at the Internet Archive

Last month, for the first time in decades, new copyrighted works entered the public domain and can now … Continue Reading

Inventive Applications and Patent Eligibility: A Conversation with Prof. Peter Menell

 In this episode, we talk to Berkeley Law professor Peter Menell about patent law and new challenges to … Continue Reading

Citizen Clinic @ UC Berkeley

Today we’re welcoming Sean Brooks and Steve Trush to the show. Sean Brooks is the Director and Steve … Continue Reading

2 Minutes in Tech: Nov. 12

The BTLJ Podcast team presents 2 minutes in Tech: Monday, November 12.

I Need Some Space: An Interview with Brian Israel

The Berkeley Technology and Law Journal Podcast interviews Brian Israel, General Counsel of Planetary Resources, an asteroid mining … Continue Reading

Tribal Intangible Cultural Property: IP or Something More?

Origin stories, sacred songs, and other types of sacred traditional knowledge are intangible cultural property belonging to tribes … Continue Reading