2017 Symposium: Platform Law

What is the proper legal model (or models) for understanding the online platform phenomenon? What burdens and responsibilities … Continue Reading

Volume 30, Issue 3

BTLJ’s Volume 30, Issue 3 includes Articles from the 19th Annual BCLT/BTLJ Symposium: Open Data: Addressing Privacy, Security, and Civil Rights Challenges.

2014 Symposium: Fair Use for Free, or Permitted-but-Paid?

BTLJ is excited to welcome Jane C. Ginsburg of Columbia Law School on April 3–4, 2014 to the 18th Annual BTLJ/BCLT Symposium: The Next Great … Continue Reading

2014 Symposium: Copyrightable Subject Matter in the Next Great Copyright Act

BTLJ is excited to welcome R. Anthony Reese of UC Irvine School of Law on April 3–4, 2014 to the … Continue Reading

2014 Symposium: Copyright Licensing and Fair Use

BTLJ is excited to welcome Rebecca Tushnet of Georgetown Law School on April 3–4, 2014 to the 18th Annual BTLJ/BCLT Symposium: The Next Great … Continue Reading

2014 Symposium: Reforming Section 108 for Libraries and Archives

BTLJ is excited to welcome David R. Hansen of UNC Law School on April 3–4, 2014 to the 18th Annual BTLJ/BCLT Symposium: The Next … Continue Reading

2014 Symposium: Legislating Digital Exhaustion

BTLJ is excited to welcome Aaron Perzanowski of Case Western Reserve University Law School and Jason Schultz of New York … Continue Reading

Volume 28, Issue 3 (Symposium 2013)

Complete Volume 28, Symposium 2013 Complete Volume (PDF 2,709KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 762KB) Articles The Curious … Continue Reading

Volume 27, Issue 3 (Symposium 2012)

Complete Volume 27, Symposium 2012 Complete Volume (PDF 2,822KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 170KB) Articles Orphan Works … Continue Reading

Volume 26, Issue 3 (Symposium 2011)

Complete Volume 26, Symposium 2011 Complete Volume (PDF 2,300KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 430KB) Articles Foreword: Technology’s … Continue Reading

Symposium: Copyright @ 300

The Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, in conjunction with the High Tech Law Institute of Santa Clara … Continue Reading

Volume 25, Issue 3 (Symposium 2010)

Complete Volume 25, Symposium 2010 Complete Volume (PDF 14,357KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 80KB) Articles Happy Birthday … Continue Reading

Volume 24, Issue 3 (Symposium 2009)

Complete Volume 24, Symposium 2009 Complete Volume (PDF 3,528KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 184KB) Articles How a … Continue Reading

Volume 23, Issue 3 (Symposium 2008)

Complete Volume 23, Symposium 2008 Complete Volume (PDF 1,119KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 57KB) Articles The Role … Continue Reading

Volume 22, Issue 3 (Symposium 2007)

Complete Volume 22, Symposium 2007 Complete Volume (PDF 17,171KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 83KB) Articles A Different … Continue Reading

Volume 21, Issue 3 (Symposium 2006)

Complete Volume 21, Symposium 2006 Complete Volume (PDF 1,210KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 70KB) Articles The Use … Continue Reading

Volume 20, Issue 3 (Symposium 2005)

Complete Volume 20, Symposium 2005 Complete Volume (PDF 1,366KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 73KB) Articles Privacy Inalienability … Continue Reading

Volume 19, Issue 3 (Symposium 2004)

Complete Volume 19, Symposium 2004 Complete Volume (PDF 4,000KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 198KB) Articles Foreword (PDF 148KB) … Continue Reading

Volume 18, Issue 2 (Symposium 2003)

Complete Volume 18, Symposium 2003 Complete Volume (PDF 1,632KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 181KB) Foreword Foreword (PDF … Continue Reading

Volume 17, Issue 2 (Symposium 2002)

Complete Volume 17, Symposium 2002 Complete Volume (PDF 1,680KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 97KB) Articles Patent Misuse … Continue Reading