Volume 34, Issue 1

COMPLETE VOLUME 34, ISSUE 1 Complete Issue FRONT MATTER Front Matter ARTICLES Grants by W. Nicholson Price II … Continue Reading

Volume 33, Issue 4

COMPLETE VOLUME 33, ISSUE 4 Complete Issue FRONT MATTER Front Matter ARTICLES Foreword by Vanessa K. Ing & … Continue Reading

What to Expect from Brazil’s General Data Protection Law?

by Margareth Kang (L.L.M. 2019) According to David Banisar’s 2018 Report[i], around 120 countries currently have data protection/privacy … Continue Reading

My Genes Don’t Fit Yours

by Kaberi Basu (L.L.M. 2019) On April 24, 2018, a four-decade search for the Golden State killer came … Continue Reading

Taking a Hard Look at the Vulnerabilities Equities Process and its National Security Implications

by Mimansa Ambastha (L.L.M. 2019) Modern information technology is intrinsically full of vulnerabilities, from software coding/algorithms to hardware … Continue Reading

How Smart Contracts Can Help Guarantee Land Rights for Colombian Conflict Victims

by Ángela Córdoba-Santacruz (L.L.M. 2019) Land ownership in Colombia is costly and demands legal knowledge, which leads to … Continue Reading

Madrid’s “Central Attack” in Transnational Trademark Law: Practice, Procedures and Considerations

by Bela Kelbecheva (L.L.M. 2019) Despite obvious benefits of the Madrid system in Trademark law, the threat of … Continue Reading

Reforming the Multi-Agency System: A Path to Better Chinese GI Protection

by Yuan Fang (L.L.M. 2019) The tradition of multi-agency administration for Chinese GI protection derives from the unique … Continue Reading

A Night Out With BTLJ at the Internet Archive

Last month, for the first time in decades, new copyrighted works entered the public domain and can now … Continue Reading

Volume 33, Issue 3

COMPLETE VOLUME 33, ISSUE 3 Complete Issue FRONT MATTER Front Matter ARTICLES Is Design Patent Examination Too Lax? … Continue Reading