• Volume 31, Issue 2

    COMPLETE VOLUME 31, ISSUE 2 Complete Issue FRONT MATTER Front Matter ARTICLES Functionality and Expression in Computer Programs: Refining the Tests for Software Copyright Infringement...

  • Volume 31, Annual Review 2016

    Volume 31, Annual Review 2016

    Complete Volume 31, Annual Review 2016 Complete Volume Front Matter Front Matter Articles Foreword by Virginia E. Scholtes and Sorin G. Zaharia Patent Law Saving...

  • Volume 31, Issue 1

    Volume 31, Issue 1

    Complete Volume 31, Issue 1 Complete Volume Front Matter Front Matter Articles A Few Kind Words for Absolute Infringement Liability in Patent Law by Robert P. Merges...

  • Volume 30, Issue 3

    BTLJ's Volume 30, Issue 3 includes Articles from the 19th Annual BCLT/BTLJ Symposium: Open Data: Addressing Privacy, Security, and Civil Rights Challenges.

  • Forthcoming Article on “Chilling Effects: Online Surveillance and Wikipedia Use”

    A forthcoming BTLJ Article by Jonathon Penney titled "Chilling Effects: Online Surveillance and Wikipedia Use" has made international news. The Article discusses the results of the first empirical study of regulatory “chilling effects” of Wikipedia users associated with online government surveillance around the NSA/PRISM revelations in June 2013.

  • Volume 30, Issue 2

    Addressing topics in intellectual property and technology law including the use of technology-blind viewpoints in copyright protection, royalty rates for FRAND patents, internet service provider liability for defamation, regulatory frameworks for network neutrality, and double patenting under the AIA.

  • Volume 30, Annual Review 2015

    Volume 30 of the BTLJ Annual Review includes twenty-two Notes that summarize of many of the major developments in patent, copyright, trademark, cyberlaw, and privacy over the past year.

  • Volume 30, Issue 1

    Addressing intellectual property and technology issues including protection for passwords, privacy policies, judicial behavior of the Federal Circuit, software copyright, transnational intellectual property protection, and strict liability for copyright infringement.

  • Volume 29, Issue 3

    Complete Volume 29, Issue 3 Complete Volume (PDF 16,496KB) Front Matter Front Matter (PDF 556KB) Articles Fair Use for Free, or Permitted-But Paid? (PDF 4,079KB)...

  • Commentaries Vol 1, Article 1

    PDF Download Version: How to Overcome the Normal Exploitation Obstacle: Opt-Out Formalities, Embargo Periods and the International Three-Step Test (PDF 335KB) by Martin Senftleben Berkeley...

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